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The Future of Pest Control - TODAY!

Protect your plants, protect your profits. With the best biopesticide to date. Completely plant-based, completely food-grade, completely effective. MiteXsteam is here

MiteXstream Details

Mites, Molds, Mildew? No More

Banish parasitic mites from your crops for good. MiteXstream is a highly effective minimum-risk biochemical miticide, ideal for killing even the most problematic species—including Spider Mite, Two-spotted Mite, Pacific Mite, Willamete Mite, Citrus Rust Mite, Broad Mite, the European Red Mite and more. Bonus: Mold and mildew don’t stand a chance

100% Plant-Based, 100% Effective

Keep your harvest without pumping poison into nature. Not only is MiteXstream one of the most potent solutions against pests, it’s also totally plant-based and environmentally friendly, making it the only biopesticide of its kind. That’s right, you’re protecting your plants using the power of plants. Why go against Nature, if you can go with it

Treat Through to Day of Harvest

Keep your crops protected to the very end. MiteXstream is the only biopesticide that uses natural food-grade ingredients while boasting industry-leading kill ratios of pests—with zero risk of plant damage. Where other solutions legally require you to stop treatment weeks before harvest or simply can’t compete in effectiveness, MiteXstream offers premium protection all the way. It really has no equal.

Good on Your Crop. Good on Your Wallet

Better on your plants, better on the environment, better on your bank account. We took great care to make sure your best options is also your most affordable longterm. At a price of $1.25 or less per Gallon, low-cost, environment-friendly and highly effective are no longer contradictions. With MiteXstream you get it all.

Indoors, Outdoors, Winter Squash

MiteXstream has you covered. Whether you need to preserve your cannabis plants or beloved strawberries, MiteXstream has proven to offer suitable and sustainable protection. Hops, coffee, curcurbits, fruit, and even ornamental plants and nursery stock—MiteXstream works. Indoors and outdoors.

Save Your Harvest? Save the World? Easy

When the best choice for either is one and the same. MiteXsteam is our commitment to turn pest control into an environmental-friendly process. Sure, we have to call it a biopesticide because it kills both living pests as well as molds and mildew. But really, MiteXstream contains no poisonous “pesticides” at all. MiteXstream is tested under the most stringent state standards (testing for 159 dangerous substances). The result: Completely poison-free!
MiteXstream has achieved EPA Pesticide Registration from the Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division of the Office of Pesticide Programs EPA Registration No: 95366-1
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
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Protect your plants, protect your profits.
And hey, protect nature too!

Our Story

The Genesis of MiteXStream

“I can’t do opioids anymore. They will kill me!”
MiteXStream’s story of innovation begins with misery. At 16, my youngest daughter, Samantha, suffered a medical “mishap”. Three weeks in Coma. Four months in the ICU on life support. Six months and a plethora of surgeries. Eventually, she was released from the hospital with many, many medications, including a very strong opioid.
After many months of unrelenting pain, her doctors prescribed a Fentanyl patch. I brought her home from the appointment, and went to run the store. When I returned home, Sam was not breathing. She was blue. 911. CPR.
She lived. Barely. Not everyone comes back from a Fentanyl overdose (more common than ever in current medical practice). I knew that. I was relieved, much relieved. “I can’t do opioids anymore. They will kill me!” my daughter told me. But she needed something to ease the pain. She suggested Medical Marijuana, but I was always an Anti-Marijuana kind of guy. Time to change.
My research left me rather horrified. Reports of providers using poisonous pesticides. Marijuana spiked with Formaldehyde. Plastic, basically. I had no choice. Fast-forward 30 days: I became a licensed Medial Marijuana Provider, growing it myself. And it worked! It controlled her pain.
After a while, we switched to CBD, which worked just as well. Again, due to my (well-researched) aversion to artificial additives and preservatives, I started creating the CBD oil myself, for Sam. I eventually I developed a proprietary method involving olive oil infused with CBD, which allowed me to keep it as natural as possible. Grizzly Creek Naturals was born.
But there was one major problem that threatened to make this whole enterprise unsustainable. Spider mites. They could destroy a whole crop in a matter of days. Now, the thing with “safe”, natural pesticides was this: They existed. They just didn’t work. Once more, out of desperation, I got to experimenting with my excellent team.
After much trial and error, hope and desperation, we finally settled on a formulation. The result: a proprietary plant-based degreaser that killed the spider mites, and only the spider mites. It was effective, reliable, safe. We made it even better. And thus MiteXstream was created.
But that’s really only the beginning of our story. Today, we are working tirelessly to make our innovation available to others, who want and need it just as much. The industry deserves it; the consumers deserve it. The world deserves it. We’re here to bring it.
– Fabian Deneault, Founder & CEO